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STARDUST Tungsten Carbide Black Ring with Meteorite Dust

STARDUST Tungsten Carbide Black Ring with Meteorite Dust

The "STARDUST" Tungsten Carbide Black Ring by using Pristine Pieces by Amy is a specific and fashionable piece of jewelry, combining modern-day materials with a touch of cosmic appeal. This ring is made from long-lasting tungsten carbide, acknowledged for its fantastic power and scratch resistance, making it a really perfect desire for a normal put-on. The ring capabilities a sleek black exterior inlaid with meteorite dust and silver specifications, growing a unique and charming design that sparkles subtly beneath the light.

Product Details

  • Material: Tungsten carbide, meteorite dirt, and silver specifications.
  • Sizes:Available in widths of 8mm, 6mm, and 4mm, making sure a perfect fit for everyone.
  • Customization:Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Price:The ring is priced at $183.00, discounted from $244.00.


  • Durability:Tungsten carbideis renowned for its toughness and resistance to scratches, making it a realistic choice for a ring that will endure daily wear and tear.
  • Unique Design: The incorporation of genuine meteorite dirt and silver specifications offers each ring a one-of-a-type appearance, appealing to those who appreciate each luxury and the wonders of the cosmos.
  • Comfort Fit: The ring features a comfortable suit layout, with a domed indoors that provides a comfortable yet cushy suit.

Why Buy the STARDUST Ring?

  • Exceptional Material: Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials utilized in earrings, ensuring that the hoop remains as lovely as the day you purchased it.
  • Cosmic Connection:The meteorite dirt inlay provides a unique and personal contact, making it an ideal gift for someone who appreciates the beauty of the universe.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The lifetime assurance offers peace of mind, ensuring that any production defects or problems will be addressed.
  • Personalization:With alternatives at no cost laser engraving, you can add a personal message to make the hoop even more special.

Benefits Of Stardust Ring

The benefits of the Stardust Ring are given Below:

  • Comprehensive Package: Each purchase includes a range of added benefits, such as:
  • Free Shipping: Ensuring you receive your ring without any additional shipping costs.
  • Free Laser Engraving: Allowing you to personalize the ring with a special message, date, or initials.
  • Free Wooden Ring Box: Providing a stylish and secure place to store the ring when not in use.
  • Free Stainless Steel Chain: Offering an alternative way to wear or carry the ring​(Pristine Pieces By Amy)​​


Overall, the "STARDUST" Tungsten Carbide Black Ring by Pristine Pieces by Amy is not just a piece of jewelry but a blend of durability, style, and celestial charm, making it a perfect choice for those who want a unique and lasting symbol of their personal style or relationship.


What is the STARDUST Tungsten Carbide Black Ring?

The STARDUST Tungsten Carbide Black Ring via Pristine Pieces by Amy is a long-lasting, elegant ring made from tungsten carbide, presenting inlays of meteorite dirt and silver specifications. It is to be had in diverse widths (8mm, 6mm, and 4mm) and is thought for its specific design and super hardness.

Why is tungsten carbide a great material for jewelry?

Tungsten carbideis one of the hardest substances available for rings, making it extremely resistant to scratches and wear. It maintains its polish and looks over time, which is good for rings intended for daily wear.

What is special about the meteorite dust inlay?

The meteorite dust inlay gives every ring a completely unique appearance, with tiny shimmering debris that reflect mild beautifully. This adds a touch of cosmic importance and individuality to each piece, making it now not just a ring but a piece of artwork.