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Behind Each Ring: The Inspiration Gallery of HALO and EQUINOX

The Equinox ring collection

In the world of jewelry creation, every item reflects the inspirations that give its shape life as well as the artistry of the one who created it. The spark that stimulates the imagination and propels the production of masterpieces is inspiration, the lifeblood of creativity. Inspiration is the driving force behind jewelry creation, forming the story and giving each curve and contour a purpose.

HALO and EQUINOX are two captivating collections. These selections invite us to explore the depths of their inspiration galleries as they stand as pinnacles of inventiveness and artistic skill.

The Inspiration of Rings in Jewelry Design

The inspiration behind  ring design and production among other jewellery items is its symbolism and cultural significance.  

Symbolism of Rings Throughout History

Humans have worn rings on their fingers for millennia throughout history. Rings were thought to signify eternity in ancient Egypt because of their circular form, which stood for the never-ending cycle of life and death. Meanwhile, rings were frequently set with precious stones  throughout medieval Europe, where they represented royalty and nobility

Cultural Significance

Certain civilizations, such as Hinduism, attribute spiritual importance to rings, which stand for fortunate relationships between humans and gods. In certain cultures, such as Japanese culture, rings are treasured as representations of harmony and unity in relationships. Every culture contributes its distinct viewpoint behind  the art of ring design.

The Inspiration behind HALO Collection

The 'HALO' series draws inspiration from the celestial halos that encircle the night sky as embodied by the word "HALO." Each halo ring in our gallery captures this essence.Every item in the collection captures a variety of inspirations from the vibrant colors of Indian textiles or the elaborate patterns of Moroccan architecture.

Each piece in this collection offers a tale of elegance and beauty, expertly crafted with timeless charm and exquisite attention to detail.

The Inspiration behind EQUINOX Collection

With the captivating 'EQUINOX' collection, enter a realm where the splendor of the natural world blends with the enchantment of space travel.

EQUINOX is inspired by celestial events equinox the natural equilibrium when day and night are perfectly  balanced. A starry night's dreamy glow or the vivid hues of morning are just two examples of the essence of some of nature's most alluring moments captured  in this collection.This collection reflects the balance and equilibrium we need in our lives and relationships.

Explore our Halo and Equinox rings gallery to choose those that resonate around your personal story and style.


We have thoroughly reviewed the design procedures and creative ideas that are used for  creating our stunning pieces of art which are the "HALO" and "EQUINOX" collections. Every piece in these collections conveys a tale of grace, beauty, and significance—from the historical and cultural allusions and influences that form their aesthetic to the cutting-edge materials and methods that give them life.

Every item in these collections is the result of much love and effort, from the first idea to the meticulous workmanship that makes it a reality. The designer of 'HALO' and 'EQUINOX' have created timeless gems that captivate the imagination and inspire wonder through cooperation, innovation, and a constant pursuit of quality.


1-Are real materials used to make rings?

Yes, All of our collection is made with real materials, including gemstones and diamonds that are obtained ethically and precious metals.

2-Do you provide services for ring sizing?

Of course! To guarantee that the ring you have chosen fits perfectly, we provide ring size services. Just choose the size you want when placing your purchase, and we will modify the ring to fit.

3-Are these rings appropriate for events other than engagements?

Of course! Although "HALO" and "EQUINOX" rings are wonderful for engagements, their classic beauty also makes them suitable for a number of other significant events, including anniversaries and milestones, or just as a representation of unwavering love and devotion.