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Ring Materials

Tungsten Carbide is extremely strong, very scratch resistant, durable, shines for the life of the ring. They are stronger over 10 times than gold. When compared to other metals such as titanium and steel, tungsten is stronger too. It will not rust, corrode or change color. A perfect choice when looking for a wedding band, gift, or even a personal accessory.
Tungsten Carbide has GREY Color. Tungsten rings in Black, Blue, Rose gold or any colors other than silver grey are processed with IP Plating. The plating will not come off if rings are taken care of because IP plating is very tough to scratch since it is fixed to the metal.

Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex Dinosaur Bones 
This Dinosaur Bone was found in Hell Creek Formation, Montana, USA.
The Hell Creek Formation is an intensively studied division of mostly Upper Cretaceous and some lower Paleocene rocks in North America, named for exposures studied along Hell Creek, near Jordan, Montana. The formation dating back to more than 65 million years ago and stretches over portions of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
The T-Rex bone pieces I used are very small but unique and rare. The color varies from orange, red to dark blues.

Gibeon Meteorite 
Gibeon meteorites have been collected since 1836 in Namibia a country in southern Africa. The strewnfield for Gibeon meteorites is perhaps the largest in the world. Gibeon meteorite is the best meteorite to make jewelry because of its color and patterns.
The Gibeon meteorite I used was found in Great Namaqualand, Namibia, and discovered in 1838.