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Care of your rings

Characteristics of your rings

We try most of our time and effort to ensure that every single one of our products is as durable and resistant to the elements as possible. However, many of our products are made from reclaimed and natural materials, which can make them slightly more susceptible to damage from impact, scratching, and water, when compared to a solid precious metal band.

Durability of your rings

Our rings are made carefully, precisely and in patiently manner in order to acquire the best products in terms of resistance and durability.

We use the best quality sealants in our rings, which gives them a water-resistant finish. They should be more than capable of dealing with water in your routine activity such as shower, washing up, or the pool as long as you do not damage the seal. This same sealant should give you a barrier that will protect your ring from the majority of impacts and scratches. However, you must keep your expectations in check, as no natural material will be as resistant as a solid metal band. The protective layer may be scratched if it is ground over a sharp surface like metal, weight bar at gym,....

Even with the extended protective layer provided, it does not give you a warranty or guarantee against damage as a result of water damage or impact damage. We recommend you to take your ring off for manual labor such doing constructions, weight lifting, doing gardening,... or plan to expose your ring to chemicals or long periods of water contact such as bleach, acetone, ..... or pressure water like sea-diving. 

Above, be aware of strong-impact damage. If you grind your ring on a sturdy sharp surface, the protective layer may be chipped or cracked. That layer may be dull when drop to the ground from high position.

How to clean and care of your ring

Your ring may be dulled of the material or natural stones over years of wearing. In order to make them shiny again, you should leave your ring in a mixture of warm water and dish soap for 4 minutes. Then, use a bristle brush or new toothbrush to scrub your ring gently, please paying special attention to any crevices or cracks.

In our studio, we can use a non-woven cloth which use to clean sunglasses and add a little denature alcohol to clean any dirt, grease on the rings.
You can use a micro-polishing compound and a blue multi purpose shop paper (like Scott paper) to scrub the scratches and make your ring shine and glimmer like new.