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Nature's Touch| PRIMAL Tungsten Carbide Black Ring featuring Whiskey Barrel & Deer Antler

Nature's Touch| PRIMAL Tungsten Carbide Black Ring featuring Whiskey Barrel & Deer Antler

Introducing our rugged "PRIMAL" Tungsten Carbide Black Ring , crafted for outdoorsmen and hunters. This unique ring features one naturally shed deer antler inlay, set between whiskey barrel inlays, showcasing a graceful black outdoors that resonates with people who appreciate the great outdoors. Available in an 8mm width and customizable to any size, this ring is best for embracing your adventurous spirit.

Material and Design

  • Tungsten Carbide Construction:Tungsten carbide is famed for its tremendous energy and scratch resistance, making it an ideal material for a ring meant to endure the rigors of an active lifestyle. The black finish adds a present-day contact, making sure that the ring remains visually beautiful over the years.
  • Deer Antler and Whiskey Barrel Inlays: The naturally shed deer antler inlay adds a rugged and specific element to the ring, while the whiskey barrel inlays provide a touch of rustic appeal. This mixture creates an exceptional look that is both fashionable and significant for those connected to nature.
  • Sleek Black Exterior: The ring's sleek black end gives a present-day and complicated look, perfect for everyday wear or special events. Its minimalist design ensures that it complements a whole lot of outfits and patterns.

Product Details

  • Material:Tungsten Carbide
  • Inlay:  Naturally Shed Deer Antler and Whiskey Barrel
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 8mm (customizable to different sizes)
  • Sizes: Customizable to in-shape man or woman options

Features of the PRIMAL Ring

  • Durability:Crafted from remarkable tungsten carbide, the "PRIMAL" ring boasts impressive sturdiness. Its hardness ensures that it resists scratches and maintains its pristine appearance despite normal use.
  • Unique and Rugged Design:The aggregate of deer antlers and whiskey barrel inlays with a swish black tungsten outside creates a unique and rugged layout. This ring is best for those who admire each fashion and capability.
  • Comfort Fit:The ring capabilities a comfortable suit design, characterized by using a domed interior that lightly contours for your finger. This layout ensures more desirable comfort, making it perfect for ordinary put-on.
  • Customization:Available in more than a few sizes, the ring may be custom-designed to healthy individual possibilities. If you need a size not listed, please contact us for customized orders.

Additional Benefits

Each purchase from Pristine Pieces by Amy  includes:

  • Free Shipping: Enjoy complimentary transport in the United States.
  • Free Laser Engraving: Add a non-public contact with loose engraving alternatives.
  • Free Wood Ring Box: Store your ring in a fashionable and protective wooden field.
  • Free Stainless Steel Chain: Receive an additional stainless-steel chain as an advantage.
  • Lifetime Warranty:Benefit from an entire life guarantee for peace of thought.

Value of the PRIMAL Ring

  • Timeless Design: The "PRIMAL" ring’s timeless and versatile layout guarantees that it remains stylish for future years, making it a valuable addition to any ring series.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Each ring is crafted with meticulous interest in each element, making sure high best and sturdiness. The use of top-class substances guarantees an advanced product.
  • Versatility: The ring’s rugged yet sleek layout makes it suitable for diverse occasions, whether or not as a daily accessory, a wedding band, or an assertion piece. Its ambitious look enhances each casual and formal attire.

Why Choose the PRIMAL Ring?

  • Durability: Made from one of the hardest substances to be had, the ring guarantees longevity and resistance to everyday wear and tear.
  • Scratch Resistance:The tungsten carbide production minimizes the appearance of scratches, maintaining the ring as new.
  • Unique Design: The combination of deer antler, whiskey barrel inlays, and black tungsten  makes for a unique and fascinating piece of jewelry.
  • Versatility: Perfect for both casual and formal put-on, this ring provides a hint of beauty to any outfit.

Caring Tips

  • Cleaning:To ease the ring , use slight cleaning soap and heat water. Gently wipe it with a tender fabric. Avoid the use of harsh chemical substances or abrasive cleaners to maintain its luster.
  • Storage:Store the ring one after the other in a soft pouch or ring field to prevent scratches and harm.
  • Avoid Impact:While tungsten carbide is distinctly hard, it could be brittle. Avoid losing the ring on tough surfaces to prevent damage.


The "PRIMAL" Tungsten Carbide Black Ring from Pristine Pieces via Amy is greater than just a chunk of jewelry. It is a reflection of strength, style, and timeless splendor. Expertly crafted and designed to make a statement, this ring is a need-to-have for everyone looking for a blend of elegance and resilience in their accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What if the ring is broken?

The ring comes with an entire life assurance. If it gets damaged, you can touch Pristine Pieces via Amy for repair or alternative options.

2. Can I customize the ring?

Yes, Pristine Pieces by using Amy offers loose laser engraving to feature a private touch to your ring. You can pick out to engrave names, dates, or unique messages.